Bat Warranty

Bat Warranty

Our bats are made from high grade English willow which is a natural resource. As with all natural resources willow will naturally split and crack with time and use. Some bat breakages will be due to a lack of bat preparation and others will be unavoidable. Our bats come with a 6 month guarantee for free repairs or, in the unlikely scenario of being unrepairable, replacements. 

Free repairs and replacements are only offered within 6 months if the following terms of use have been followed;

Terms of Use

  • Bats must be knocked in for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • All bats should have an anti scuff sheet and toe guard fitted.
  • Poor grade cricket balls are the most common breaker of bats, bats should only be used against UK produced cricket balls.
  • Bats should be kept in a cool and dry environment.
  • Avoid using bats on wet surfaces.

Process of Reporting Bat Breakages

If the above terms of use have been followed and your bat has broken within 6 months of purchase please email - with:

  • Date of bat purchase
  • Photos of bat breakage
  • Description of how bat broke

***All decisions on whether your bat is eligible for free repair/replacement will be at the discretion of our master bat maker. Reasonable amount of use will also be taken into consideration.